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Strong reach, market leadership

Digico is the Retail and Distribution arm of Int’ltec Group. Digico specializes in providing supply chain services of Telecom-Products & Services and Consumer Technology Products. Digico’s retail and distribution network is an ideal platform for any organization that needs to distribute its products or services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Digico has two divisions:

a) Distribution division
b) Retail division

Distribution Division:

The Distribution Division of Digico has 21 offices throughout KSA. The distribution network reaches nearly 5,000 independent Point of Sales (POS) as well as approximately 15,000 shops, thereby covering the entire population of the inhabited area of Saudi Arabia. Digico has built its own network relying 100% on its own staff and vehicles.

Digico also provides a total electronic voucher distribution service for network operators. It handles all distribution and related technical matters, removing the hassle of managing a huge network of distributors. The services provided are:
  • Project Rollout Planning
  • Distribution Rollout Planning
  • System Integration with Network Operator
  • Preparation of Marketing Collateral
  • POS Terminal Deployment
  • Retailer Training
  • E-voucher Sales
  • Customer Support Help Desk
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Feedback Reports and Statistics

Digico provides distribution services to Mobily for its consumer range of products and services as well as to Samsung, Motorola and LG for their mobile phone handsets.

Retail Division:

Outlet Management
Digico provides outlet management services to major telecom service providers. This service enables service providers to focus on their main business operations without getting into the hassle of the day-to-day operations of their retail outlets. The deliverables of this service include staffing, front & back office management, etc.

Blink is a chain of consumer technology stores that is owned by Digico. These stores sell telecom products and services such as SIM cards, recharge vouchers from Mobily as well as mobile phones from Samsung, Motorola and LG. There are more than 20 blink stores across KSA.

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