Skyband leads the market in engineering and advanced telecom services..


INT'LTEC SKYBAND provides full turnkey telecom engineering services to mobile, fixed-line players and other large institutions in KSA. INT'LTEC SKYBAND’s offering includes site acquisition, design, engineering, project management, civil works, telecom systems design and integration, operation and maintenance and network optimization services.

INT'LTEC SKYBAND has the following expertise


Engineering Services

Leveraging its state-of-the-art engineering capabilities, INT'LTEC SKYBAND has successfully completed a significant number of telecommunication projects for top telecom providers and oil & gas companies in KSA over the last 15 years. Its service offerings combine planning, design engineering and procurement elements with advanced installation and construction management techniques to deliver complex and challenging network projects on time and under budget without compromising system performance.


Radio Planning Services

In partnership with the global leader in radio planning, INT'LTEC SKYBAND has worked in many Saudi projects completely assuming radio-planning activities. Within its international experiences, INT’LTEC SKYBAND’s partners have worked in more than 130 countries for over half the world’s mobile operators.


Project Management & Roll-out Services

INT'LTEC SKYBAND experiences in project management including the rollout of radio and fixed networks assure faster time to market and project cost control. It provides its clients with comprehensive project management services, vital to ensure timely implementation of high quality projects within budgets.


Operation & Maintenance Services

INT'LTEC SKYBAND has significant experiences in managing telecom services to satisfy demanding quality assurance levels. It offers customers comprehensive support through Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the client’s networks as well as end customer support functions and customer care/helpdesk services. Over its 15 years of experience, INT'LTEC SKYBAND has developed a large amount of telecom networks and performed O&M for almost all telecom operators in KSA and UAE.


Outside Plant Services

INT'LTEC SKYBAND has a very extensive track record and operational capabilities to design, install and maintain fibre-optic cable installations for long haul, metro, and access networks.

Our experience and expertise makes us unique in our ability to provide “TRUE TURNKEY” solutions, for our partners and clients.

We can complete a project in its entirety, from Out Side Plant (OSP) construction of dark fibre routes and interconnects to

network transmission equipment activation and “lighting” the network.

Our OSP offering is a total Outside Plant Engineering service with expertise in virtually all areas relating to the planning, design, construction, project management, splicing and testing of fibre optic networks, in long haul applications, as well as in the local loop environment. Our OSP expertise spans more than a century and a half, with the average length of experience of our field engineering force being more than 15 years. This experience has been developed over the years by providing installation services to public telecommunication service providers such as Cable, Wireline & Wireless and Telecom operators.

This expertise allows us to provide the most innovative and economical solutions to any Outside Plant challenge, and complete our projects on schedule, under budget and with an extremely satisfied customer.



INT’LTEC SKYBAND OSP services cover the following activities:

Site survey and specification of products and services

  • Civil Works
  • Fibre network design including loss budget assessment
  • Project management of fibre installation
  • Fusion splicing / ILM (Insertion Loss Measurement) test / OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) testing
  • Installation and termination of external fibre optic networks
  • Maintenance of existing internal and external fibre networks, 24 X 7 X 365
  • Network fibre plant audits including Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) and Chromatic Dispersion testing that provides the full optical fingerprint of the fibre optic infrastructure
  • Network equipment installation and commissioning



Project Capabilities

We are able to provide our customers with turnkey OSP solutions, from the initial conceptualization of a network, through planning, budgeting, design, construction and finally commissioning of the completed system.

Our services, as a typical example of a project are shown below:



At this initial phase of the project, we consult with our customer to determine their specific plan for the development of a fiber network. This round of discussions will determine the course of action to be taken, and will determine if the customer’s best interests will be served by spending the funds necessary to design and build a fibre network.



This work is normally done as a part of the Conceptual Network Consulting activity, but can also be completed separately and at a later date. The work is normally done from the desktop (without field visits) and is based primarily on our experience working in certain regions of the country, as well as the world. During this work, we will provide the customer with a general cost of constructing a network.



This phase of the project will see personnel in the field to determine specific routing for a network. The network is planned to most efficiently serve the customer’s business plan. During this work, the various authorities where construction will take place are contacted for initial feedback as to the routing of the network and the permit requirements that will be encountered.



This phase of the project is where INT’LTEC SKYBAND sends field engineers to the project-area to perform detailed route design. This design will then be turned into the finished construction documents, and is the “blueprint” for the construction vendors to work from. Detailed design efforts will identify exact placement of the network in relation to other utilities in the street or aerial, and may change the planned route slightly depending on existing utility congestion and building entrance locations.



 During this portion of the project, INT’LTEC SKYBAND’ CAD department will transform the hand-written field engineering notes to a finished CAD document. This is submitted to the customer for approval, and then to the authorities for permits and the construction vendors for placement.



This project activity encompasses all project activity to ensure timely and efficient completion of the identified project. While the project management of the engineering

effort is included in pricing for that effort, this item can also stand alone in the management of the construction effort, as well as the overall project. Our Project Managers have the technical expertise to perform all required fieldwork, but spend the majority of their time working with the customers and managing a number of concurrent tasks (not to mention concurrent projects).



INT’LTEC SKYBAND team performs construction inspection and supervision. INT’LTEC SKYBAND will conduct periodic and scheduled inspection and/or supervise the construction crew(s) of ongoing construction projects to ensure that the design specifications are adhered to.



Once the cable is installed, INT’LTEC SKYBAND team then moves on to the last phase of the OSP project, splicing and network tests of the installed system. INT’LTEC SKYBAND allows for extremely competitive pricing and timely project completion.



This task is completed after construction has been finished, and all actual installation data is “red-lined” on the CAD construction prints. In addition, all optical test data is reviewed internally and is then included within the full documentation package. This item is included in our detailed design pricing, and is completed as early as possible after the project is completed. This final document will serve as the customer’s basis for operating and maintaining the fibre route, and will be revised as new lateral routes are installed or added.



On-Going Support


Once the initial route has been completed, INT’LTEC SKYBAND OSP Services are able to offer post installation support in the form of on-going engineering, preventive maintenance and emergency response services.

The initial construction is only the beginning. Once the backbone route is finished, customers must be connected to it in order to generate revenue. The work involved in connecting buildings to the network is similar to the steps identified above, with more emphasis being placed on customer and building-management relations.

INT’LTEC SKYBAND has extensive experience working with building managers and customers to identify the route least disruptive to the building’s existing tenants. The determination of this route is critical to the acceptance of the work by the building manager/owner.

SATCOM Services

INT'LTEC SKYBAND was one of the first service providers in KSA that received licenses from Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) to set up VSAT Services, Network Operation Center and Data Center Managed Services.
INT'LTEC SKYBAND has significant experiences in Engineering, Installation, Support, Operation and Maintenance of turnkey

solutions for VSAT, Wireless and Data Communications and Managed Services across all industry verticals, including Banking and Financial Institutions, Telecom, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction, Energy, Oil and Gas, Media, Retail, Distribution, IT, Education, Healthcare and Government.

INT'LTEC SKYBAND designs, delivers and manages customizedsolutions for specific needs including Branch Connectivity either (Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, and Multipoint-to-Multipoint), GSM Network and Backhauls (Cell-on-Wheels), ATM and Net Banking Connectivity, Mobile ATMs, Business Continuity Planning, Data Center Managed Services (Co-Location Hosting, Network-Security-Storage Management, etc.), Network Managed Services, Internet Access over VSAT Carrier, ERP Connectivity Solutions, Video-Conferencing and Multicast e-Learning Solutions.


The solutions and services INT'LTEC SKYBAND offers include:

  • Enterprise Connectivity
  • VSAT (Star/Mesh), MPLS, STMS 1s Fiber Core, Fiber Termination, Microwave and Leased Line Connectivity
  • Network Integration and Professional Services
  • Strategic partnerships with most large OEMs
  • Data Center Services


Data Center Services combine redundant backbone network with its highly secure, always available hosting facilities and industry-leading equipment to provide customers with a tailored solution that is configured, deployed and managed by experienced IT and engineering specialists. Skyband’s services make it possible for clients to use the hardware and software platforms of choice and take advantage of Skyband’s industry-leading resources as network requirements change and business needs evolve.


Managed Services

INT’LTEC SKYBAND provides very critical managed services for secure, enhanced and continuing performance at customer’s site. Depending upon the special requirements at customer’s site/data, customers can pick and choose the requisite managed services along with their standard co-location/dedicated hosting plans.

It offers a full suite of managed services including monitoring and management of the IT infrastructure including Network, Desktops, Database, Applications, Server & OS, Onsite and Offsite Facility Management Services.


Value-Added Services

  • Managed Video, Managed Voice, Managed Messaging and Managed CE (Customer equipment).
  • Total Outsourcing Services
  • Complete outsourcing of the IT infrastructure
  • Network Engineering

INT’LTEC SKYBAND’s Network Engineering teams have the expertise in designing and implementing enterprise-class network solutions to extend the capabilities of clients’ IT organization. Skyband’s network engineers have extensive real-world experiences with complex internetworking technologies.

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