Electro mechanical contracting and maintenance services. Covering commercial, residential, and government projects..


INT’LTEC MEP is an electro-mechanical and low voltage contracting and maintenance company. The company leverages the group's proven technical expertise in the electro-mechanical and low voltage field in addition to the local and logistical knowledge at hand.

The company engages in Electro-Mechanical Contracting and Electro-Mechanical Maintenance. 

Electro-Mechanical Contracting 

Contracting projects undertaken by INT'LTEC MEP Division include projects executed for commercial, residential, industrial, recreational, governmental, educational, healthcare centers, resorts, and telecommunication infrastructure. The areas of contracting undertaken are:

  • Electro-mechanical Engineering Design

  • Procurement
  • Execution of Electro-mechanical Installations
  • Testing & Commissioning

The types of Electro-Mechanical Contracting undertaken by the MEP division include:

  • Low/Medium Voltage Systems
  • GI and Pre-insulated Duct Fabrication and Erection
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • HVAC Systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Plumbing and Drainage Networks
  • Data and Telephone Networks
  • Lightning / Earthing Protection Systems


Engineering services provided by MEP Division include:

  • Shop Drawings

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Site Coordinator
  • Material Management
  • Safety Control
  • Builders Work Drawings
  • Document Control
  • Manpower Management
  • Stock Control
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Coordinated Drawings
  • Site Supervisor
  • Procurement Management
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • As Built Drawings

Electro-Mechanical Maintenance

INT’LTEC MEP also deals with the maintenance of Commercial and Residential complexes. It provides comprehensive and preventive analyses and diagnostics studies and ensures its clients installations are maintained as required. This service is provided for high-rise buildings, shopping malls, health clubs and villas, to name a few.

Key Clients:


El Seif Engineering Contracting Co.

Saudi Arabian Dubai Contracting Co.

Al Saad General Contracting

Al Mabani General Contractors

Saudi Bin Laden Group (CPC)

Int’ltec Projects
Du VSAT Project
GSM Backhauling via VSAT Satellite Network completed with all related works in the United Arab Emirates for Du.
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