Remediation and Restoration of Coastal Resources

Remediation and Restoration of Coastal Resources Company: Intl'tec Environment
Client: Presidency of Meteo. & Env. (PME)
Project Type: Environmental Services
Location: Saudi Arabia
Completed: September 2011

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Project Summary:

The remedial plan of this project is to restore of tidal channel hydrology, removal of surface oil layers, and remediation of underlying oil residues within intertidal habitats.


The remediation activities include the following:


Tidal Channels Excavation


Different types of tidal channels of a total of 12,370 m were excavated according to the respective tidal channels profile specified by the project owner.


Asphalt Pavement/Heavily Oiled Sediment Excavation:

Excavation of asphalt pavement/heavily oiled sediment of a total area of 49,992 m2 of moderately exposed sand beach and sand flat. The total spoils generated by this treatment are approximately 9,123 m3.


De-Compaction and Re-Grading of Substrate:


Following the asphalt pavement removal, de-compaction process (ripping/tilling) and re-grading of the substrate were performed according to the project requirements. The total area requiring these treatments is 49,992 m2.


Tilling/Mixing of Substrate:


A proper tilling/mixing process for the moderately oiled sediments in the upper intertidal zone along 4.9 km of moderately exposed sand flat was performed. The total area requiring this treatment is 73,425 m2


Spoils Disposal:


The earthworks team was removed all spoils generated during the performance of The Works from The Site and disposed of/recycled these spoils in accordance with all laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in a manner satisfactory to the Project Owner and the PMSC. There were approximately 44,970 m3 of spoils generated by Other Site Remediation activities not specifically listed here were also covered in this project.

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